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It's weird, the two prompts that won to get a second part, I originally requested both of those! :)

Well someone’s pretty amazing, now aren’t they?

This week is the worst.

One of my favorite radio DJ’s passed away unexpectedly last night. Kidd Kraddick suffered a brain aneurysm Saturday in Louisiana.

I used to get up every morning and listen to him while I got ready for school, and then at work. He and his “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” team on “Dish Nation” every night that sent me to bed in giggles.

A lot of you might remember Kidd as the guy that interviewed One Direction last year when Dallas won the #Bring1DtoUS competition. Harry called him “Daddy” and he called Khloe Kardashian for Niall. He interviewed them again last year when they came for the actual concert

Everyone’s seen this picture by now. It’s of Kidd and Harry on MONDAY. Just last week after this year’s Dallas concert.

Now this is what I saw about 3 AM Dallas time, still just freaked out. Kidd was a staple here. It’s hard to know he’s gone.

The hybrid one where Niall was a dog one and the others were cats, please? The Zouis parents with 13 year old Liam,8 year old Harry. Adopting Niall, 4, who’s deaf. THE HOGWARTS ONE, I WILL GIVE YOU MY SOUL IF YOU DO THAT. Lost Boy? It's not a must, but that was adorable, okay. And Hating myself,needing each other, that one you also don't need to, but it was really unique and deep. Okay, that's all. Thank you :)

Well then :D  


I can’t believe it!!! I’m finally going to the 1D concert on Monday!! THEY’RE IN MY STATE RIGHT NOW GUYS!!!!


I’ve had my ticket since May of last year. I didn’t even go to the UAN concert until June of last year. That’s devotion right there; buying a ticket to their SECOND tour before you even attend their FIRST tour!!

Got my friend a last minute ticket too. We won’t be sitting together :( but we’re both going!!! Now, just the last minute checklists…


-me :D

I tag you! Share 10 facts about yourself then send this to 10 of your favorite blogs on tumblr! =)

uh… lessee.

  1. my favorite colors are green and orange.
  2. i’ve had migraines since i was 4 years old.
  3. i had stitches put in my tongue when i was 2.
  4. i love baseball and American football.
  5. i have a thing for ball caps.
  6. i love mighty morphin’ power rangers.
  7. i had bell’s palsy when i was 14.
  8. i’ve met most of my sports heroes.
  9. i’d do anything to go to a green day concert.
  10. i’m dyslexic in math.